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For all your outdoor activities
demanding clean water

Go outdoor garden hose filter

Water filter for garden, vegetables, leisure and when on the go

The Go filter offers versatile filtration capabilities, guaranteeing clean and pure water for various purposes. Whether it's ensuring your garden receives water devoid of PFAS and pesticides, delivering chlorine-free and bacteria-free drinking water while on the move, providing your pets with healthy hydration, or reducing lime in water for outdoor cleaning tasks like car washing and hot tub maintenance, the Go filter has you covered.

Comprising a potent blend of KDF 55 and coconut-based activated carbon, this filter effectively removes chlorine, chlorine by-products such as THMs, PFAS, pesticides, heavy metals, and VOCs, ensuring the water you consume is consistently safe and pure. Additionally, the KDF 55 component prevents bacterial growth even during periods of inactivity.

With a capacity of up to 30,000 liters, the Go filter is perfect for a range of activities including:

  • Boating

  • Camping

  • Mobile homes

  • Watering your garden and vegetables

  • Providing drinking water for livestock and beloved family pets

  • Maintaining water quality in spas, hot tubs, ponds, and above-ground pools

Outdoor multipurpose water filter
water filter for use in garden

For garden use

With the high amount of coconut based active carbon and KDF 55 you avoid exposing your plants and vegetables to chlorine, PFAS, pesticides and other harmful impurities. Just clean and pure water full of natural minerals.

drinking water filter for boating and motorhomes

On trips

The Go filter will make sure you are always able to fill your water tanks on your boat or autocamper with filtered and healthy water, no matter where you are. 

water filter for washing car and truck

Outside cleaning

Avoid lime, rust and other sediments in your water when cleaning your car, windows etc. Makes the cleaning easier, faster and with a better result. Connects easy to your high water pressure washer as well.

water filter for use with live stock, horses, dogs


Make sure your animals gets clean and healthy water free from harmful impurities like chlorine, chloramine, PFAS, pesticides, heavy metals etc. 


The Go outdoor water filter

Crafted from materials that are food-grade, UV-resistant, and BPA-free, the Go filter effortlessly connects to a standard garden hose or directly to your outdoor tap. Additionally, we've included a flexible hose protector to ensure smooth water flow while preventing irritating hose kinks.

When it comes to both safety and performance, the Go filter has undergone extensive testing and has earned approval from NSF and IAPMO for its material safety and the quality of its filtration components.

Contained within this compact filter are high amounts of coconut-based activated carbon and KDF 55, boosting filtration effectiveness and ensuring longevity throughout the entire season, capable of purifying 30,000 liters of water.

  • NSF Certified Natural Coconut Shell Activated Carbon: This exceptional component excels at removing chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), PFAS, pesticides, various chemicals, impurities, and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). Not only does it purify your water, but it also enhances its taste, eliminates unpleasant odors, improves color, and reduces limescale buildup.

  • KDF 55: With the ability to effectively eliminate chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, and inhibit the growth of microorganisms, KDF 55 is the backbone of our filtration system.


EUR 29,00

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