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Water filtration with activated carbon block and ultra membrane

Coconut-based activated carbon block and ultra-membrane water filtration represent the most eco-friendly and efficient method for filtering drinking water, preserving all essential minerals and eliminating water wastage.

Coconut-based activated carbon block and ultra membrane filtration combines sustainable and eco friendly materials with the efficient capacity to remove over 100 impurities from your drinking water.

We provide the latest generation of cartridges, offering you a genuinely sustainable solution with unique filtration capabilities and long durability. Our cartridges contain a substantial amount of the purest coconut-based activated carbon, have been tested under the most challenging conditions, and can filter up to 36,000 liters, without any loss of filtration capacity throughout the cartridge's lifespan.

We offer four different cartridge options:


CTO coconut-based active block cartridge:
The CTO cartridge is an excellent choice for normal water consumption for the smaller family, and can filter 10,000 liters.

EUR 8,95


LD36 long durability coconut-based active block cartridge:
The LD36 cartridge is designed for larger families with high water consumption or companies, and can filter a maximum of 36,000 litres.

EUR 19,95


AB22 anti-bacterial coconut-based active block cartridge:
This cartridge has antibacterial properties and is ideal for use with non-chlorinated drinking water and well water. It can filter a maximum of 22,000 litres.

EUR 19,95


UF Pro ultra-membrane coconut-based active block cartridge:
With a 4-stage ultra-membrane filtration system, this cartridge provides maximum filtration without the disadvantages of reverse osmosis. It can filter a maximum of 5,000 litres.

EUR 49,95 

Unlike reverse osmosis filtration, our cartridges waste no water, retain essential and healthy minerals, and offer a higher flow rate of up to 8 liters per minute.

Coconut-based active carbon block and ultra membrane water filter cartridges


All our cartridges will all filter your water to a very high standard and the most important impurities that are filtered out or reduced significantly are:

  • Chlorine and chloramine 

  • Chlorine by-products (THMs/HAAs)


  • VOC

  • Fungi/ yeasts

  • Heavy metals

  • Microplastics

  • Odor and color

  • Steroid hormones

  • DDT insecticide

  • Pharmaceutical residues

  • Pesticides and herbicides

  • Sand, rust and sediments

  • salmonella and legionella

  • Hydrogen sulfide and other organic contaminants

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