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Water filter for water filtration of pesticides, PFAS and heavy metals 
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Eco friendly water filtration of pesticides, PFAS and chlorine

in the shop on all stainless steel 

filters in may!


Eco friendly water filtration of pesticides, PFAS, chlorine and 100+ other health risks

Choose between discreet and space-saving stainless steel or reinforced BPA-free water filter solutions, for easy installation either under the sink or directly on the kitchen counter


  • Most eco friendly water filtration 

  • Preservation of healthy minerals

  • Provides up to 36,000 liters per cartridge

  • High water flow of 8 ltr./ min.

  • Delivered ready to install

  • Yearly cartridge change from only ​€8,95

Water filter ready to install from: 


Shower filter for a healthy shower experience

Our shower filter is quickly installed in your shower and offers efficient filtration of chlorine, chlorine steams, heavy metals and other impurities in your daily shower.


  • For a healthier shower experience

  • For better skin, hair and health

  • Reduce limescale for easier cleaning

Shower filter ready to install:


2-stage water filter for whole house and under sink

The 2-stage filter will filter your drinking water to the highest possible level and get the most out of your cartridges, even in difficult conditions.


  • For either whole house or under sink installation

  • For water with high amount of sediments, dirt etc.

  • Filtration up to 56.000 litres per cartridge

  • Ultra+ version for high PFAS filtration

Water filter ready to install from: 


Water filter for garden and leisure use

The Go outdoor water filter is quickly installed on your outdoor tap. It effectively reduces PFAS, pesticides and other impurities, ensuring that your garden, plants and vegetables remain healthy.

  • ​A healthy garden free of impurities

  • Clean drinking water on trips in motorhome, boat, etc.

  • Outdoor cleaning of cars, windows, etc. as lime is reduced

Water filter ready to install:


20" water filter solutions for businesses

1 and 2 stage 20" water filter solutions for use in bars, restaurants, hotels, production and other applications where increased quality and health of drinking water play a decisive role.


  • ​Improve the taste and quality of food and beverages

  • Extends the life of your appliances

  • Filtering up to 56,000 liters per cartridge

  • High water flow of 16 ltr./min.

Water filter ready to install from:


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water filter for clean drinking water free from pesticides and PFAS

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