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Avoid more 
plastic bottles

with sustainable water filters

Sustainable and eco-friendly water filter solutions
Sustainable water filter solutions for healthy tap water

Healthy and pure drinking water with sustainable high performance solutions

Experience high performance, eco-friendly coconut-based water filter solutions that set a new standard for sustainable water filtration. Solutions that offer exceptional filtration of your drinking water combined with unique durability.

See our range of water filters, including high-quality stainless steel and reinforced BPA-free solutions, tailored for use under the sink, tabletop, whole house, shower, garden or for leisure use.

We offer only the most advanced coconut-based activated carbon block filtration as it is the only truly sustainable solution, offering unmatched filtration capabilities. Choose a greener and cleaner future for your drinking water and the environment, with advanced coconut-based filter solutions that also provide a considerable saving on your budget.

  • Flowrate up to 8 ltr./ min.

  • Filtering up to 36.000 litres

  • All healthy minerals are preserved

  • No waste of water like with reverse osmosis

  • Filters out +100 health risks, incl. chlorine, chlorine by-products, PFAS, pesticides, heavy metals, microplastics and reduces limescale and nitrate

  • Antibacterial option for use with non chlorinated water

  • Ultra membrane filtration option as well, for maximum protection and filtration

  • Comes with all parts needed for a quick and easy installation with no change to your existing plumbing, making it ideal for rentals as well.

  • Complete high performance water filters from €49,00 

  • Monthly running costs from under €1,00

Discrete and space saving efficiency

For easy under sink or table top installation. Choose between stainless steel or reinforzed BPA free solutions, combined with the latest generation coconut based active carbon block cartridges.

  • Discreet and space saving installation

  • Efficient filtration of +100 impurities

  • Filtration of up to 36.000 litres at 8 litres/ min

Complete filters ready to install from:

Healthy start to the day

Our shower water filter is quickly installed in your shower or bath and offers efficient filtration of chlorine, chlorine steams, heavy metals, rust and other sediments.

  • Avoid unhealthy chlorine steams

  • Improve condition of your skin and hair

  • Reduce limescale in your shower and bath

Complete filter ready to install:

For a healthy garden and vegetables

Our GO filter is installed to your outside tap in seconds and will filter out issues with chlorine, PFAS and pesticides, making sure your garden, plants and vegetables stay healthy

  • Also for use with motorhomes, boats, camping etc.

  • Can filter 30.000 litres so enough for the whole season

  • Ideal for any outside cleaning as well, like cars, boats, terrasse as it reduces limescale

Complete filter ready to install:

Making the most of your business

Provide the best possible experience to clients while avoiding limescale and other impurities harming your machinery. Create return clients, increase your environmental profile and save significantly on maintenance.

  • Connects directly to your existing plumbing

  • Filtration of 36.000 - 56.000 litres with each cartridge

  • For bars, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, day care etc.

Complete filters ready to install from:

Whole house & non public water

The 2-stage filter will filter your water to the highest possible level and get the most out of your cartridges, even under challenging conditions. For whole house as well as use with well water, streams and other sources with high amount of impurities.

  • Solutions for chlorinated and non-chlorinated water

  • Antibacterial cartridge option for use with well water

  • Very high flow rate even with water containing high amount of sediments.

Complete filters ready to install:

The best for your kitchen, bath and garden

Combine our filters for a money saving solution giving you the best setup possible, both inside and outside. 

  • Delivered with our stainless steel under sink filter

  • For both chlorinated and non chlorinanted water

  • Save up to additional 15%

Complete package setup, ready to install from:

Ida Christine Brun, Copenhagen