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Whether you're competing or simply riding for pleasure, clean and healthy drinking water is one of the crucial factors for your horse's performance and overall well-being.


The Go2 Water Filter is designed to assist your horse in maintaining hydration both at home in the stable and on the go. Water can have different tastes and odors in new places due to chlorine, minerals, or general contaminants, which can often deter horses from drinking enough.


The Go2 filters out foreign tastes, odors, and a wide range of impurities, including chlorine, heavy metals, and pesticides, making your horse more likely to drink the amount of water it actually needs.

According to a study by Equine Chronicle, a loss of just 2% of water intake results in a 10-20% reduction in performance.


The Go2 filter is compact and extremely user-friendly. By simply attaching it to a water hose or faucet, you can ensure your horse has clean and healthy drinking water wherever you are, promoting maximum hydration and optimal performance.


The filter comes with quick couplings and adapters for direct mounting on a water hose or faucet.

The Go2 can produce up to 30,000 liters of clean drinking water over a period of up to 6 months.

The Go is made of food-grade, UV-resistant, and BPA-free materials and can be easily installed on a standard garden hose or directly on an outdoor faucet.


It comes with a flexible hose protector to ensure smooth water flow, 2 x hose adapters, and a short hose for easier filling.


The Go has been tested and approved for material safety and quality of filtration material by NSF and IAPMO.


Coconut-based activated carbon removes chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides, chemicals, impurities, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from the water. (It will also improve the taste, odor, and color of the water, as well as reduce lime scale.)

KDF55 supports the removal of chlorine, pesticides, and heavy metals and inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

Water filter for horses

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