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Replacement cartridge model AB-20-36 anti-bacterial coconut based activated carbon block 20".

Fits with our 20 inch water filter housings.


Recommended uses:


  • For individuals who want maximum bacterial prevention at home. 
  • For prevention of bacterial safety in public applications such as hotels, hospitals, doctors, schools, nursing homes, food industry, etc. 
  • For use with well water, water streams and other non chlorinated sources of water.

Water filter cartridge 20" model AB-20-36

34,95 €Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
34,95 €
Cartridge AB-20-36
12 months subscription
34,95 €every year until canceled
Cartridge AB-20-36
6 months subscription
34,95 €every 6 months until canceled
  • AB-20-36 anti-bacterial coconut based activated carbon block cartridge:

    • Lifespan: 36.000 liters
    • Water flow: Up to 16 litres/min.
    • Made of food grade materials (BPA and lead free)
    • All components comply with European and US regulations
    • NSF and FDA approved
    • Complies with UNE 149101 standard
    • CE certificate
    • Tested under the harshest conditions with 2 ppm chlorine to ensure maximum practical performance

    What is being filtered:

    • 2 ppm chlorine removal: 99.99% at start, 85% after 36,000 liters
    • Chloramine
    • THMs
    • PFAS
    • Microplastics
    • reduces limescale
    • heavy metals
    • Pesticides and herbicides
    • Odor and color
    • VOC
    • Hydrogen sulfide and other organic contaminants
    • Sand , rust and sediments
    • salmonella and legionella
    • Drug residue
    • Nitrates
    • In total more than 100 known impurities are filtered out
    • All healthy and needed minerals are not being filtered


  • You can return the product free of charge within 30 days

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