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Pre-filter to use combined with the carbon block cartridge. Extends the life of your carbon block cartridge.


Semi-absolute filtration retention 82-99%. Very long duration. 100% pure polypropylene. 



Our sediment filters have been designed to achieve much higher particle retention compared to conventional filters that can be found in the water sector,



In addition, due to its patented internal configuration, our sediment filters are capable of storing an extraordinary amount of particles without significant pressure drops, which results in a very long life, reduced maintenance costs, less labor, and Less waste generated.



Our sediment filter is approved for applications in the food, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries, and other sectors with a high degree of demand, so it can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from domestic applications to the most advanced technical processes with the certainty that it will comply with the specifications and will not add any toxic material to the water or filtered liquid.



Made of food grade materials, it complies with European and US directives for materials in contact with drinking water and other liquid foods, which is why it has been accepted in a wide range of applications ranging from  domestic filtration and reverse osmosis equipment  to hospitality,  breweries,  juices,  mineral water and other food industries 


Sediment/ pre-filter water filter cartridge FS8210

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    • Semi-absolute filtration : Ensures sediment retention of 82% of 5 microns and 99% of the particles of 10 micron
    • Very long duration thanks to its special patented structure that allows a large quantity of particles to be stored internally.
    • Manufactured 100% in polypropylene which ensures great compatibility with most fluids.
    • Total safety with food grade material.
    • Raw materials certified by NSF and FDA
    • Complies with UNE 149101 standard
    • Especially recommended for its great efficiency for prefiltration of reverse osmosis water, deionization, softening, activated carbon, ultrafiltration, deionization, etc.
    • Universal size for installation and replacement in any 10”, 9 3/4 or 9 7/8 enclosure.


    • Size: standard 10” compatible
    • Inner Diameter 28mm, Outer Diameter 63mm
    • Length: 254 mm
    • Internal storage capacity of sediments:
      • 5 microns: 90 grams
    • Initial pressure drop (at 10ºC):
      • 5 microns: 0.010 kg/cm2 at 10 l/min – 0.020 kg/cm2 at 20 l/min
    • Recommended maximum flow rate: 20 liters per minute
    • Maximum temperature of the fluid: 60ºC
    • Maximum operating pressure: 5 Kg/cm2 at 15ºC - 1.8 Kg/cm2 at 60ºC

    Recommended filter change:

    • To be replaced after one year of use latest. We recommend only to combine it with an antibacterial carbon block filter if you are going to use it in chlorine-free water.

  • You can return the product free of charge within 30 days

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