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Get 15% discount on our Italian under sink and shower water filter combi offer


The Vista Ultra water filter is designed for easy installation directly to your existing tap beneath the sink. No need for a separate tap and no drilling in the kitchen table, making it a simple, yet robust and effective choice, also suited for rental properties.


The Vista filter housing is designed and manufactured in Italy and is an antibacterial housing that ensures a cleaner and healthier water environment. Made from reinforced BPA-free materials, it offers easy and space-saving installation discreetly under the kitchen sink.


Vista Ultra  is offered with our eco friendly coconut-based active carbon block UF Pro cartridge, with a 4 stage ultra membrane design,  offering filtration of impurities, bacteria and microorganisms down to 0,1μm. UF Pro ensures effective water filtration and protection against more than 100 health risks in your drinking water, including bacteria, viruses, chlorine, chlorine by-products, pesticides, PFAS, heavy metals, microplastics, sediments from old pipes and medication residues.  

Eco friendly filter cartridges

All our cartridges are based on sustainable and climate-neutral coconut-based materials, with optimal filtration of your drinking water.

No water waste

Unlike other forms of filtration, all water is utilized and filtered into healthy drinking water - benefiting the environment.

High water pressure

You maintain high water pressure of up to 8 ltr./ min. making daily use both easy and practical.

Healthy minerals

With all our cartridges, the healthy and crucial minerals in your drinking water remain intact.


The filter comes with fittings, hoses, a wrench, and connectors for an easy and hassle-free installation.


The Vista filter housing, produced in Italy, meets the most demanding standards and exceeds all requirements from NSF, FDA, CE, and UNE for household use, general water consumption, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, and medical applications.


Balance shower water filter


Our Balance shower water filter is carefully designed to provide you with the optimal shower experience, free from various impurities and potential health risks in your shower water.

With our advanced filtration system, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and other contaminants are effectively filtered out, and the growth of harmful microorganisms is avoided.


With the Balance shower filter, the occurrence of PFAS and lime deposits is also reduced, ensuring a healthier and cleaner shower environment for you.

Experience the change on your skin, hair, and overall well-being. Enjoy a softer, more pleasant shower experience and avoid the discomfort that comes with dry and irritated skin and hair, as well as the potential health risks when showering in heated chlorine steams.


​The Balance shower filter is delivered with the first cartridge for the first 6 months/ 50.000 litres. The cartridge will filter your shower water through the following filterings processes:

  • Filter netting:
    Removes rust, sand, sediment, etc. 

  • NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon:
    Removes chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides, chemicals, impurities and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) from the water. It will also improve taste, odor and color of water and reduces limescale and PFAS.

  • KDF55:
    Removes chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals. Inhibits the growth of microorganism and improves the condition of your skin, hair and nails.

  • Calcium Sulfite:
    An extra layer of protection against chlorine + heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminium)

  • Mineral Ceramic Ball:
    Added for PH Stabilization. They also can adsorb impurities and harmful heavy metals.

  • Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet:
    Removes Iron, Manganese fluorine and creates a softer, more energized shower feel


  • Installation:
    Installation is done in a few minutes in 95% of all shower/ bathtup setups, with a simple wrench.


Water filter and shower filter combi offer Ultra

128,95 € Regular Price
109,61 €Sale Price
  • You can return the product free of charge within 30 days

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