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Vista Duo LD36, the 2-stage water filtration solution, is delivered with the FS8210 sediment/prefilter and the coconut-based activated carbon block cartridge with extra-long lifespan, LD36, capable of filtering 36,000 liters


2-Stage Water Filtration

Protect your primary water filter cartridge with a 2-stage setup that ensures long-lasting optimal performance, even under challenging conditions.

10" Version for Under-Sink Installation

Ideal for space-saving installation under the sink, providing up to 36,000 liters of filtered drinking water between cartridge replacements.

Versatile Application

Perfect for household use, as well as well water. Effectively eliminates or greatly reduce impurities such as chlorine, chlorine by-products, heavy metals, PFAS, pharmaceutical residues, pesticides, herbicides, microplastics, and over 100 other potential health risks.

Water Conservation

Unlike other filtration methods, all the water is utilized and filtered into healthy drinking water - benefiting the environment.

High Water Pressure

Maintain high water pressure up to 8 liters per minute, making daily use both easy and practical.

Healthy Minerals

All essential and necessary healthy minerals are retained in your drinking water.


Vista filter housings are produced in Italy, meeting the most stringent standards and exceeding all requirements from NSF, FDA, CE, and UNE for household use, general water intake, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, and medical applications.

Under sink and whole house water filter. Vista Duo LD36

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  • Filter housings:

    • Antibacterial housing made in Italy
    • Food grade and BPA free
    • NSF, FDA, CE and UNE approved
    • Approved for food, medical and laboratory use
    • Normal pressure up to 8 bar

    FS8210 sediment/ pre-filter cartridge:

    • Semi-absolute filtration : Ensures sediment retention of 82% of 5 microns and 99% of the particles of 10 micron
    • Very long duration thanks to its special patented structure that allows a large quantity of particles to be stored internally.
    • Manufactured 100% in polypropylene which ensures great compatibility with most fluids.
    • Total safety with food grade material.
    • Raw materials certified by NSF and FDA
    • Complies with UNE 149101 standard
    • Especially recommended for its great efficiency for prefiltration of reverse osmosis water, deionization, softening, activated carbon, ultrafiltration, deionization, etc.
    • Sediment retention: 5 microns: 82% of 5 microns, 99% of 10 microns and larger
    • Made in Spain

    LD36 coconut activated carbon block cartridge:

    • Lifespan: 36.000 liters 
    • Water flow: Up to 8 litres/min.
    • Total safety with food grade. All components comply with European and US regulations
    • NSF and FDA approved
    • Complies with UNE 149101 standard
    • CE certificate
    • Tested under the harshest conditions with 2 ppm chlorine to ensure maximum practical performance
    • Made in Spain

    What is being filtered:

    • 2 ppm chlorine removal: 99.99% at start, 85% after 36,000 liters
    • Chloramine
    • THMs
    • PFAS
    • Microplastics
    • reduces limescale (70%)
    • heavy metals
    • Pesticides and herbicides
    • Odor and color
    • VOC
    • Hydrogen sulfide and other organic contaminants
    • Sand, rust and sediments
    • salmonella and legionella
    • Drug residue
    • Nitrates
    • In total more than 100 known impurities are filtered out
    • All healthy and needed minerals are not being filtered


  • You can return the product free of charge within 30 days

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