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Under sink water filter in stainless steel. Model Activo CTO


The Activo water filter is a robust stainless steel solution designed for easy installation directly to your existing tap beneath the sink. No need for a separate tap and no drilling in the kitchen table, making it a simple, yet robust and effective choice, also suited for rental properties.


Activo CTO is offered with our eco friendly coconut-based active carbon block CTO cartridge, ensuring effective water filtration and protection against more than 100 health risks in your drinking water, including chlorine, chlorine by-products, pesticides, PFAS, heavy metals, microplastics, sediments from old pipes and medication residues.


Made of stainless steel

Activo is made free of fragile plastic parts that can break over time, ensuring you have a robust and stable solution with long-lasting durability.

Eco friendly filter cartridges

All our cartridges are based on sustainable and climate-neutral coconut-based materials, with optimal filtration of your drinking water.

No water waste

Unlike other forms of filtration, all water is utilized and filtered into healthy drinking water - benefiting the environment.

High water pressure

You maintain high water pressure of up to 8 ltr./ min. making daily use both easy and practical.

Healthy minerals

With all our cartridges, the healthy and crucial minerals in your drinking water remain intact.


The filter comes with fittings, hoses, a wrench, and connectors for an easy and hassle-free installation.


The Activo filter housing is tested and approved by SGS Switzerland and meets the highest international standards, including ROHS and FDA. Furthermore, it complies with European standards such as EC 1935-2004 and has achieved TÜV certification in Germany, Australian Watermark, as well as meeting the requirements of the European REACH regulations.

Under sink water filter in stainless steel. Model Activo CTO

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  • Filter housing:

    • Heavy duty, food grade and BPA free stainless steel
    • Incl. fititngs, wall bracket and hoses

    CTO coconut activated carbon block cartridge:

    • Lifespan: 10.000 liters 
    • Water flow: 6-8 litres/min.
    • Made of food grade materials (BPA and lead free)
    • NSF 42 and 372 tested and approved
    • European regulation EC1935/2004
    • Manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 facility

    What is being filtered:

    • Chlorine and chloramine 
    • THMs
    • PFAS
    • Microplastics
    • reduces limescale  
    • heavy metals
    • Pesticides and herbicides
    • Odor and color
    • VOC
    • Hydrogen sulfide and other organic contaminants
    • Sand, rust and sediments
    • salmonella and legionella
    • Drug residue
    • Nitrates
    • All healthy and needed minerals are not being filtered
  • You can return the product free of charge within 30 days

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