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The ongoing lack of rainfall in Spain persists in affecting the quality of its drinking water

Updated: Mar 27

Lack of rain in Spain further affects the quality of drinking water

The prolonged drought conditions in Spain are significantly impacting the availability and quality of drinking water across the country. With insufficient rainfall, water levels in reservoirs, rivers, and aquifers are dwindling, directly affecting the accessibility and purity of drinking water.

As water sources diminish, the concentration of pollutants in the remaining water becomes a pressing concern. Industrial discharges and agricultural runoff contribute to heightened levels of contaminants, posing challenges to maintaining water quality standards. Additionally, the reduced water flow can lead to increased salinity, particularly in coastal regions, affecting the taste and suitability of drinking water.

Water treatment facilities face operational hurdles during drought periods. The necessity to treat water with higher impurity concentrations necessitates adjustments in treatment processes to ensure the delivery of safe drinking water to households.

Key challenges arising from the water scarcity situation include reduced water availability, higher concentrations of contaminants, changes in water temperature, increased salinity, groundwater depletion, and deterioration of water treatment processes. These factors collectively underscore the urgent need for reassessment and proactive measures to safeguard drinking water quality.

Even individuals accustomed to consuming chlorinated water and not giving much thought to the associated risks will now need to reassess their stance. Buying more bottled water, than the already staggering 7 billion bottles sold each year in Spain, would be an unfortunate development and create even more pressure on an already struggling recycling system. For that reason we have created the Vista CTO under sink water filter option, which will filter out all issues with chlorine, chlorine by-products, pesticides, herbicides and 100+ other impurities, for a very affordable price of only EUR 49,00.

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